Been a while since I last ranted… possibly due to the fact that I’ve recently acquired my first set of Warhammer 40,000 miniatures. Nothing fancy shmancey or anything, just the Assault on Blackreach set, gives you some movement rulers, dice, condensed rulebook, templates and a small amount of both Space Marines and Orks.

I’ve gotten most of the Marines painted up. Went pretty simple for my first set of painting. Based them black, painted them Regal Blue, gave them an Arshurmen Blue wash… and that was pretty much it. apart from a dry brushing of Boltgun Metal and Chaos Black to give them a roughed up appearance. I need a couple colours before I can finish up though. Gold and some form of brown for belts/straps/tassets. I am however pretty much done with my Dreadnought. I could have tried to file off the mold lines but I’d have to repaint in patches if I did that. Which could only add to the look I was going for I suppose.

Did a bit of experimenting with my Orks using what colours I currently have. Mostly trying to paint something to look like abused metal, since I don’t see Orks being to kind to their stuff. Done two variants. One where I dry-brushed Boltgun Metal with Chaos Black and Codex Gray and one where I dry brushed the Boltgun Metal and Chaos Black onto the Codex Gray… they both turned out fairly well…

But I tagged the Tau in this post as well didn’t I? Because that’s the army I think I’m going to spend my time/money on. I like their back story, their fluff, the general look of the Fire Caste units. No love from me to the Kroot though, the Stingwings look kind of cool but I really don’t think I’ll field them much. for now I’ll be ordering myself a box of Fire Warriors, a Crisis Battlesuit and a Commander Crisis Battlesuit. As well as what will be my first ‘conversion’ project, in multiple senses. I’ll be picking up a box or two of Imperial Cadians and some stuff from the to turn those Cadians into Gue’vesa humans converted to the Greater Good. Oh.. and of course the Tau codex… can’t exactly play without that. >.<; There’ll be pictures of that if I ever remember what the crack I did with my camera.


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