Tau Sin’shan

Posted: December 14, 2010 in Gaming, Tau, Tau Fluff
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I’ve started developing fluff for my Tau army, the Sin’shan, which is more or less the “People’s Army” I’ll be naming all my initial units… coming up with fluff for most of them. Ridiculous, but it amuses me and it’s something to do while I wait for them to get here.

They’ll currently be lead by Shas’O Sa’cea Ra’cova Lar’shi, for those who don’t know the Tau naming conventions that makes him Commander Wrongbreaker Valiant Victory, from Sa’cea. Whose background I’m currently piecing together simply from his name. :p Whether ‘Wrongbreaker’ will be in reference to something wrong that he broke or something he wrongly broke I’m not sure. The ‘Valiant Victory’ bit is more along the lines of a once off act of bravery. At least according to the lexicon at Advanced Tau Tactica. >.<; My initial order, when I make it will only give me 300 odd points (not counting the Gue’vesa anyway.) and so isn’t really on par with the Space Marines and Orks armies from Assault on Blackreach, which is all I can play against for the time being. >.<; The downside to living in the middle of nowhere.

The hard part of naming all these units is remembering which one is which. :p Not that it particularly matters, unless I want to keep track of who did and didn’t die in a particular battle… which I do, because I’m a nerd. I suppose I could vary their sept stripes…

edit: Well, in the course of naming my Tau I seem to be going more for a bug people from Andromeda scheme than the wiki description. According to the 40k wiki Tau names are somewhat dynamic, describing lifetime achievements. I stuck to that with “Commander Wrongbreaker” but the rest of them are getting more… useless names. Much as the aforementioned bug people in Andromeda had names that were haiku’s mine are named things like “To accept a worthy cause” or “Dark moon above me.” They just sound better to me. The god new only nerds like me will think to look it up at ATT. :p Best yet? “Smarter than many Warlike people” aka Shas’la T’au Kles’bentu Mont’re’sin

edit edit: I should have realized that for my Gue’vesa I’d have to invent an Imperial regiment… thus we have the 15th Belgique Regiment, because what’s awesomer than a planet based on Belgium? An army from a planet based on Belgium, that’s what. Also it lets me name one of these Gue’vesa after a teacher I once had whose family was from Belgium. :p No idea what the regiment would have nicknamed itself… I’m not that far yet… that’ll come in far later.

January, you can’t get here soon enough. I need [want] my Tau units now. T-T

  1. Tejech says:

    Developing fluff is always a good idea as far as I’m concerned. Introduces a whole new aspect to gaming when you have a name for every trooper that succumbs to enemy fire! Cool to see that you’re putting some effort into it, it’s a bit easier for me and my Black Templars: “Hmm, some noble latin-sounding name I haven’t used yet…Gregorius? Hmm…yes, the Chaplain should be Gregorius.”

    • UTK says:

      Yeah, I’ve named all the Marines I got in my Assault on Blackreach set. Much simpler than this, anything vaguely Latin or Germanic works fine. Still, I do enjoy these oddball names I get to churn out.

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