Even more Tau, plus a little bit about Orks.

Posted: December 18, 2010 in Gaming, Orks, Space Marines, Tau
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Well, I ran into a slight dilemma, which I think I have since solved. I ordered a bunch of rifles, heads and backpacks from BitzBarn.com a little while ago and I received a refund, I thought, because they over guesstimated their shipping rate to Canada. Not true, I noticed a note on the Paypal transaction that informed me it was because they were short two backpacks.

Not knowing what exactly is in a box of Fire Warriors I was just a little bit confused as to what to do. But I think I’ve figured it out. I was originally going to split a group of twelve Fire Warriors into two 6-Tau squads but I’ll just tack another box of Fire Warriors onto my prospective order. Then run two 11-Tau 1 Drone squads, that way I can still fit them into a Devilfish Transport if I ever decide to get one. This way I have two full sets of Fire Warrior Bitz I can scavenge for my Gue’vesa project. Including armoured torso pieces if I want some variety… THat would make my Gue’vesa look a bit more rag-tag than I want though, unless I just put it onto a Gue’vesa’ui and leave the Gue’vesa’la with regular Cadian torsos. I don’t know. We’ll see when I get that far. At this rate I might wind up ordering my Cadians well in advance of the rest of my Tau. >.<;

Of course this means I’m going to need twelve more names. :p Luckily I realized that Microsoft One Note is pretty much perfect for what I envisioned for keeping track of who did what in a fight, once I figure out how to make it super easy to identify who’s who. Though I think all the bases are numbered so that may be what does it right there.

Now After the ‘Click here for more’ I’ll go on about a battle I had yesterday evening.

As said above I recently played my third battle. I really shouldn’t call it that because  my opponent knows less of the rules than I do. Which probably makes my loss a whole lot more humiliating but oh well. :p

The first time I played was at Games Workshop, I was Space Marines and the friendly staff member was Tyranids. I won, probably because he let me. Then fell prey to the ‘free gift to get you started’ tactic. of cpourse it took a few years for that lone little marine on the shelf to fester into the urge to buy some mini’s but since I have I’ve not regretted it, even with the steepish prices and lack of opponents.

Anyway, the second match was a few months ago, I was the Space Marines and kicked the cheese out of some Orks. Yesterday was the fourth battle, the revenge of the Ork stomping. I managed to kill what amounted to one squad of six marines, but wound being killed during the first half of turn six. I’m sure I’m still doing quite a few things wrong, but I’m learning. It really would be helpful if I could play with people who knew what the heck they were doing but I can’t exactly help that. Well, I could move again but I don’t have the capital for that at the moment. :p

I really will have more pictures of things, it’s all black base coated Orks and mostly finished Space Marines. Playing around partway finished ruined buildings made of cardboard. But still, it’d break these wall of text posts up nicely I think.

  1. Tejech says:

    I have the same problem: No opponents! And I think I lost about every little battle I’ve tried so far. Mostly to people with no clue of the rules, except for what I tell them…

    A few pictures would be nice!

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