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Posted: December 18, 2010 in Gaming, Space Marines, Terrain, Warhammer 40k
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Yes, I crack me up too. With my clever wordplay and punnery. Anyway… I went and started to fiddle with some of my not yet finished marines and figured I’m here, my camera’s there… I’d just mentioned I’d post pictures when I bothered to take them… and so here I am, again. Well, then Tejech’s comment made me go… “well… someone’s sort of reading this i should be nice and give them some pictures.” Not pretty pictures of course, because this is the grimdark 41st century, and of course because I’m still very much an amateur. >.< Photo’s after the break!Building Two plus Rubble heap.First Building Alt 2First Building Alt

First off is my terrain project. I’ve another one but it’ll get it’s own blurb. These are just some cardboard building ruins. They’ll eventually get their own bases, once i figure out where to get something that I can use as a base. >.<; They’re taken from “Rubbish in Rubbish out” which is a youtube channel I subscribe to. I was trying to do stippling without a proper domed brush… I’m tempted to pick up some textured spray paint and see how well that turns out.


They went thattaway!

That is a lot of dirt, and a lot of PVA glue… and a cheap train set fence I found at a dollar store. All put on top of half a slim CD case.

Captain Left

My Space Marine Captain, Valerus Perun. Showing my ‘roughed up’ marines paint scheme. Really all I did was paint them Regal Blue, wash it with Ashurman Blue and then dry brush them with chaos black and boltgun metal.  his cape needs some work yet, and I need to finish the ornaments on his chest I just lack the colours at the moment.

Vaultus Again.

Vaultus after having his gun barrels drilled. I think I also did some touch ups to the flocking on the base.

Marine FrontLieutenant FlamerpantsTerminator Front

What to say about these guys? Not much to say really. They’ll wind up being a little more colourful in regards to guns, once I get more paint. I’ll probably also tweak the scorch marks on the flamer sometime soon. Oh that marine to the left, he’s the one Games Workshop gave me for visiting their shop, back when they had one close enough for me to visit.

  1. Tejech says:

    Glad to see that I’m actually having some influence.
    The white property-fence on the fourth picture cracks ME up! Mostly because it reminds me of a scene from Hot Shots 2, when they can’t advance because the fence gate is locked from the inside… So is it impassable- or dangerous terrain? 😉

    Nice colour you’ve achieved on the sword, by the way, and the buildings actually look like old, busted concrete. But if you’re to take the grimdark 41st millennium-expression seriously, I’d consider cutting down a little on the greenery of the bases!

  2. UTK says:

    I’ll keep that in mind, and attempt at least one more scenic looking base when I begin working on my Gue’vesa conversion in around a week, depending on delivery times.

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