Been a while.

Posted: April 27, 2011 in Tau, Warhammer 40k

Yeah, it has, because really I haven’t been up to too much. I’m working on a little ruined building out of some of my foamboard… and not doing a lot of anything with my Tau. Because they’re stuck in a time loop repeating the same four seconds over and over.

I started a small battle against my sister, who is again playing Orks, posssibly because I mentioned at one time that Tau suck at close combat. We reached a point in the game and had to put it on hold as she had to go back home. Although the game has had an epic, epic moment already around turn three. She managed to get Nobz into assault range of one of my Fire Warrior squads… and proceeded to assault them. I rolled I made all my armour saves and took no wounds. On the strike back, I inflict one wound, winning the assault. 😀  I must have been taking all of these ‘Fire Warriors have paper armour’ comments too seriously as so far they’re not as fragile as I thought.

Then again there isn’t a single vehicle in either of the armies so maybe I shouldn’t say things like that till I’ve played a “real” game. ;p

In other news, I ordered myself some Pathfinders + Shas’Ui and a Piranha. A pair of Devilfish will probably appear whenever I decide to get another box of Fire Warriors to bump myself up to two squads of twelve.

Painting… Sept Markings are irritating. Not the circles, the stripes. Getting them even semi-consistent is hard enough, they’re still not as clean as I’d like them to be but I really don’t know how I’m going to get them to that point. Maybe if I put paper just over the edge and paint my armour colour out over it to clean up the edges. That could work… I’ll try it out later on one of the ‘dead’ guys.

Let’s see what else? I’ve got a foamboard building on the go. Big enough it’d mostly obscure a crisis suit…but I don’t think it’s wide enough to hide a tank behind. Plus by the time I finish stabbing it with a screw driver for ‘simulated battle damage’ it’ll probably have a couple holes all the way through it. :p I had a bit of a let down with my paints, erm, not the citadel ones my regular humdrum acrylics. I picked up a bottle of metallic silver thinking it’d work nice for well metallic terrain, what else? But I wasn’t smart enough to shake it in store and when I got home I discovered that it’d seperated, no big deal acrylics do that right? Well this one had partially solidified on the bottom of the bottle. So I salvaged what I could of it… and learned a lesson. Thankfully it only cost me a 1.50$ Only the one bottle was like that though the rest of what I got in that purchase was fine. Maybe it just had to do with it being metallic. >.> I got a metallic gold as well and it’s fine though. :s I don’t know anymore. Anyway, that’s my update for now.


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