First bits of colour.

Posted: May 5, 2011 in Tau, Terrain, Warhammer 40k

Well we know my Tau colour theme is brown and green. But I’ve got my first splashes of colour on my crisis suits. Particularly the three plasma rifles I’ll be running. One on my command unit and a set of twin-linked on the Broadside…. the two little canisters ones red and ones blue. That’s about as colourful as we get. :p Well, there’s some red on a flamer fuel cell as well.

But wait, you say, didn’t I just recently post that my units were ‘locked’ in combat? Well they were, but someone decided their typewriter absolutely had to be put on the dining room table instead of any of the other rampantly available counter space in the building. As a result several troops and pieces of terrain were moved. So I’ll either hope I have a picture of the table and we can go back to approximate positions later, or just start again.

I just felt I needed to break up the deep dark brown a bit. I’m still a bit cunfuzzled as to how to tackle highlighting though. I have a vague idea how it works on people, but I’ve never really seen a video on vehicles, let alone crisis suits which are vaguely giant people. >.<;

I’ve some pictures of my building taken. It’s partially painted and I just did some green stuffing on some of my edges. I could have possibly dried some drywall mud instead of green stuff but I don’t have any of that on hand. If I still had my previous job I’d have had access to a crap ton of the stuff and that would have been great. But I don’t. -.-; So I set about adding green stuff and I’ll be trying to paint it up to look like a crude weld. Which should go great considering the rest of the buildings done up in a metallic silver.

I’m also doing some mixing with my non-citadel acrylics trying to manufacture a nice rust colour but that’s not bore any fruit yet. Pictures will show up tomorrow probably. Well, later today, considering it’s 01:32 locally… kind of watching Scrapyard Challenge and painting crisis suits.


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