This started out as more of a rantspace than anything. It’s slowly morphed into me yapping about my Warhammer miniatures… nerdery ensues. Also do please note that I’m in no way proclaiming to be skilled at this stuff… heck most of the time I’ve only a vague idea what I’m doing. :p It’s just as isolated as my location is… this is as close as I can get to having a conversation about the hobby… without spending  shy of 100$ on fuel to get to the nearest “local gaming shop” Until I manage to find someone significantly closer who plays, but the odds of that are really low. :p

About: Armies

Orks: They’re a standard Assault on Blackreach Waagh, I call them the Reavadags… led by Warboss Thundaface… and that’s about as much fluff as I’ve bothered to give them. >.> The only real interesting aspect to them is that anyone without a hat has been given some for of warpaint. >.> I don’t know why it just felt right.

My future plans for these guys are fairly limited. I want to eventually build them a Grot Tank and I’m going to be getting some Squigs eventually, because I like the toothy little buggers. Unfortunatley I think I’ll have to get Fantasy range miniatures for this as I’ve not noted anything that includes Squigs… though I do need to check Bitzbarn a little more throughly.


Marines: My Marines have a about the same amount of fluff, although every model has a name… wait that’s not right… I have a name for every marine I could represent… much better. RIght now I can only discern the difference between a few ofthe units… My Captain, the Marine Seargent, oen of the Terminators, the Dreadnought and then the marines with the flamer and the missile launcher. Everyone else I’m not quite sure who is… >.> I need some way to denote specific models and apart from painting the base rims a light colour and putting the names there I’m quite stumped. This is, however simply what comes in Assault on Blackreach with the addition of one Marine… the Marine that GW used to introduce the afflictiont hat is the addiction to their game. >.> Future Plans for the Marines… I intend to acquire an apothecary and a Chaplain. After watching Ultrasmurfs: The Movie I found I quite liked the look of the Chaplain, and the movie Apothecary was probably my favourite character through the whole thing. >.>

Tau: My newest army… these guys have the most fluff built around the army… which is actually kind of funny since the army currently doesn’t exist. Well, not true, I do currently have six Gue’vesa that I converted… I chose not to get the battlebox as I could get all the pieces I would use from it for a little cheaper. I decided that for that extra little bit I could get another crisis suit instead of a bunch of what would amount to a bunch of spare bitz. I will possibly kick myself when I decide I want a Devilfish but for the moment I have no need or desire for one… a third Crisis Suit on the otherhand I’m sure I’ll use the crap out of. :p

This little section may eventually be split into individual pages for each fledgling army. The Tau almost certainly will anyway, but that’ll all be fluff… well mostly.


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