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Because I didn’t think of it soon enough and I kept forgetting to take a picture of the table after every assault phase… I did take a few general pictures and some of a few more notable moments. So anyway… I played my Space Marines, my opponent/sister (literally the only person I can play against, aside from myself maybe) ran  my Orks.

Before the game started, we rolled Capture and Control and you can sort of see my objective being up on a ‘cliff’ there and hers hidiing right behind a different piece. As you can see we both left the scarier units in reserve… :p

A not very good shot showing that the Nobz started to circle around on her right, one group of Boyz started heading up the middle of the table and the other group kind of hung out at her objective marker.I did something similar, except I completely ignored the Nobz and started heading up the middle, and sent the Captain/Tactical Squad and the Terminators around on *my* right. >.> I made a bit of a tactical error here by placing my Flamer Marine at the back of the squad, he never gets a chance to do a freaking thing… but as I was paranoid about Orks getting closer than I wanted I kept him around and effectivley lost myself a die every shooting phase after the first casualty. >.<;

Thundaface, the Waaaghboss finally succumbs to a hail or three of bolterfire… This is when I realized I probably should be taking more pictures than I had been. >.>

Beginning of Turn 3… we realized partway through Turn 2 that we’d forgotten to roll reserves… I remembered to roll mine and thus my Dreadnought popped up on my half of the table… then started trying to get int he way of the Nobz who were getting uncomfortably close to my Objective Marker. Yes, the pile of rocks on the ‘cliff, which is in fact the cliff the Cadians were standin on in my last post… so you uhm… can sort of see it now. >.> My Terminators took some casualties… being knocked down to just the two of them, apparently though that made them less of a threat than the Tactical Squad with it’s Missile Launcher. Or Captain Valerus Perun… who was also pretty much ignored. Now I’m not too sure how I’, ‘supposed’ to be using the rule for units that lose most of their units. I forget the exact percentage off hand… anyway we’ve been rolling a morale check, if passed the first time the unit continues to function. If initially failed you start to Fall Back. Every turn after that you roll a morale check again. If you pass the unit stays wherever it was after it’s last fall back. If it fails the unit retreats further.Vaultus Duait couldn’t handle that group of Nobz all by himself once they closed to melee range. If I recall rightly he managed to drop one with his flamer before the Assault Phase… wherein he managed to drop another one leavig him to deal with two of the green buggers… which apparently wasn’t in the cards… or dice.The table at the end of Turn 6… That last unit of Boyz started to get thinned out… the other unit, down to two models, retreated off the table… The Nobz failed a morale check and started to head backwards leaving my Objective uncontested… unfortunatly I couldn’t get any models close enough to even contest her Objective… even if I could those Boyz camped on it made any attempts redundant. The Coptaz never made an appearance… and we didn’t have time to continue into a Turn 7 or we probably would have. As things stood they were in my favor… but those Coptaz probably would have put a giant green wrinkle in my plans.

Now, last but not least… a not so great picture of the partially painted Gue’vesa I converted.

Right now I’ve just touched the jacket with Camo Green and the pants with Khommando Khaki. My Sept colours are very green/brown as they’re from a heavily forested world. >.> Though I’m thus far refusing to do a ‘camoflauge pattern’ because I usually don’t care for how they look on the models.  They’re halted at this stage as I’m waiting for an order from that’s being held up while they restock one of the things I ordered. I could have had them send it anyway and then just ordered the pot of  P3 ‘Battlefield Brown’ when they restocked it later but it’s kind of integral as my armour is probably going to be that colour. :p I was originally planning Graveyard Earth but it’s a lot lighter than I thought…


Yes, I crack me up too. With my clever wordplay and punnery. Anyway… I went and started to fiddle with some of my not yet finished marines and figured I’m here, my camera’s there… I’d just mentioned I’d post pictures when I bothered to take them… and so here I am, again. Well, then Tejech’s comment made me go… “well… someone’s sort of reading this i should be nice and give them some pictures.” Not pretty pictures of course, because this is the grimdark 41st century, and of course because I’m still very much an amateur. >.< Photo’s after the break! (more…)

Well, I ran into a slight dilemma, which I think I have since solved. I ordered a bunch of rifles, heads and backpacks from a little while ago and I received a refund, I thought, because they over guesstimated their shipping rate to Canada. Not true, I noticed a note on the Paypal transaction that informed me it was because they were short two backpacks.

Not knowing what exactly is in a box of Fire Warriors I was just a little bit confused as to what to do. But I think I’ve figured it out. I was originally going to split a group of twelve Fire Warriors into two 6-Tau squads but I’ll just tack another box of Fire Warriors onto my prospective order. Then run two 11-Tau 1 Drone squads, that way I can still fit them into a Devilfish Transport if I ever decide to get one. This way I have two full sets of Fire Warrior Bitz I can scavenge for my Gue’vesa project. Including armoured torso pieces if I want some variety… THat would make my Gue’vesa look a bit more rag-tag than I want though, unless I just put it onto a Gue’vesa’ui and leave the Gue’vesa’la with regular Cadian torsos. I don’t know. We’ll see when I get that far. At this rate I might wind up ordering my Cadians well in advance of the rest of my Tau. >.<;

Of course this means I’m going to need twelve more names. :p Luckily I realized that Microsoft One Note is pretty much perfect for what I envisioned for keeping track of who did what in a fight, once I figure out how to make it super easy to identify who’s who. Though I think all the bases are numbered so that may be what does it right there.

Now After the ‘Click here for more’ I’ll go on about a battle I had yesterday evening.


Got my Terminators based which is nice, painted metal bits on a few more Orks… nothing much really as I’ve still not got the paint to do anything interesting now. Until January sometime. >.<;

Waiting for my paypal transfer to go through so I can order the bitz I need from bitzbarn to make my Gue’vesa.

Been a while since I last ranted… possibly due to the fact that I’ve recently acquired my first set of Warhammer 40,000 miniatures. Nothing fancy shmancey or anything, just the Assault on Blackreach set, gives you some movement rulers, dice, condensed rulebook, templates and a small amount of both Space Marines and Orks.

I’ve gotten most of the Marines painted up. Went pretty simple for my first set of painting. Based them black, painted them Regal Blue, gave them an Arshurmen Blue wash… and that was pretty much it. apart from a dry brushing of Boltgun Metal and Chaos Black to give them a roughed up appearance. I need a couple colours before I can finish up though. Gold and some form of brown for belts/straps/tassets. I am however pretty much done with my Dreadnought. I could have tried to file off the mold lines but I’d have to repaint in patches if I did that. Which could only add to the look I was going for I suppose.