XV-88 Reporting for duty.

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A little while ago I ordered and received an XV-88 which I really hadn’t planned to do for a while yet… but I’ve been waiting for my online supplier to restock on a Privateer Press colour and needed something to do… anything really… so I ordered a Braodside and some Greenstuff because of a great conversion I’d seen done and wanted to imitate…

As you can see, the pose wound up being just a littly wonky… byt the time I realized this there wasn’t much I could do about it. >.<; I’ll have to remember to pose the arms a little betternext time. I also made a slight error when I was pinning and managed to drill all the way through the “stock” of the rifle… It didn’t hurt anythign in the end though as that “shield generator” was supposed to go there anyway. The original conversion also cut the missle pods off the second set of arms and put them on the back between the vents but I’m going to be attatching a pair of plasma rifles to the shoulder mounts… Course this conversion ate up my War Gear options so I’ll have to scavenge some, and a second plasma rifle, from one of my XV-8 kits… whenever they get here. My greenstuffing is a little rough yet but that’ll be fixed and touched up eventually, well on the gun anyway. I managed to figure out ‘gap filling’ pretty quickly. ;p Surprisingly even with all those metal bitz up front… the thing is pretty well balanced. I guess the feet and vent covers somehow manage to outweigh the railgun and a half… sadly this is as far painted as I can get without that delayed order finally showing up. >.<;


At this rate I’m going to have to order something else to keep myself busy until my main army gets here. :p I think though, that if that happens it’ll be one of the various miniatures from my rapidly growing wishlist. I’ve got all kinds of things in there from several different ranges, most of them just because I think they look cool.


Some Tau stuff.

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Because I haven’t gone on about my Tau in the last little while…

These three pictures are my speculative army colour scheme. I used the fun little Tau Painter program from Bolter and Chainsword. FOr the colours I actually copy pasta’d colour swatches of Citadel range colours from an online shop into photoshop and acquired their colour codes. Those codes were punched into the painter and give a farly close rendition of the intended colour. First of course is a typical shas’la but then I was playing Dawn of War and noticed that Shas’el and the like have variant colours. I was informed that basically all that was done is that in some pieces the Sept colour and main colour were swapped. Thus the second picture, the third however is me tryingto break up the brown earthy colours. I do feel that I need a much darker orange but you can only get so dark an orange before it’s technically another brown. But thatthird scheme is just an idea for the moment. I don’t even think I ordered an orange that would work as a platform for a darker colour.

Originally that armour was meant to be Graveyard Earth but now that I have a pot it’s lighter than I thought it would be. I’ve since ordered some Privateer Press “Battlefield Brown” that may or may not replace it. My initial Tau army will be relativley small, two groups of six Fire Warriors, two Crisis Suits and then a Crisis Suit Commander. I think you can guess already that I’ll be as Crisis Suit heavy as is possible. No Broadsides as of yet though, though I have plans for at least one in the near future. I saw an amazing conversion for the rail guns that turned them into one big handheld gun… it looked really cool. It’ll require a little bit of Green Stuff which is good since I really need to fiddle around with that stuff at soem point.

Oh, my army the “Sin’shan” has been upgraded to a full fledged Sept which I’m currently calling ‘He’eio’kio’ which is more or less ‘uncountable trees’ hence the foresty colour scheme.

Because I didn’t think of it soon enough and I kept forgetting to take a picture of the table after every assault phase… I did take a few general pictures and some of a few more notable moments. So anyway… I played my Space Marines, my opponent/sister (literally the only person I can play against, aside from myself maybe) ran  my Orks.

Before the game started, we rolled Capture and Control and you can sort of see my objective being up on a ‘cliff’ there and hers hidiing right behind a different piece. As you can see we both left the scarier units in reserve… :p

A not very good shot showing that the Nobz started to circle around on her right, one group of Boyz started heading up the middle of the table and the other group kind of hung out at her objective marker.I did something similar, except I completely ignored the Nobz and started heading up the middle, and sent the Captain/Tactical Squad and the Terminators around on *my* right. >.> I made a bit of a tactical error here by placing my Flamer Marine at the back of the squad, he never gets a chance to do a freaking thing… but as I was paranoid about Orks getting closer than I wanted I kept him around and effectivley lost myself a die every shooting phase after the first casualty. >.<;

Thundaface, the Waaaghboss finally succumbs to a hail or three of bolterfire… This is when I realized I probably should be taking more pictures than I had been. >.>

Beginning of Turn 3… we realized partway through Turn 2 that we’d forgotten to roll reserves… I remembered to roll mine and thus my Dreadnought popped up on my half of the table… then started trying to get int he way of the Nobz who were getting uncomfortably close to my Objective Marker. Yes, the pile of rocks on the ‘cliff, which is in fact the cliff the Cadians were standin on in my last post… so you uhm… can sort of see it now. >.> My Terminators took some casualties… being knocked down to just the two of them, apparently though that made them less of a threat than the Tactical Squad with it’s Missile Launcher. Or Captain Valerus Perun… who was also pretty much ignored. Now I’m not too sure how I’, ‘supposed’ to be using the rule for units that lose most of their units. I forget the exact percentage off hand… anyway we’ve been rolling a morale check, if passed the first time the unit continues to function. If initially failed you start to Fall Back. Every turn after that you roll a morale check again. If you pass the unit stays wherever it was after it’s last fall back. If it fails the unit retreats further.Vaultus Duait couldn’t handle that group of Nobz all by himself once they closed to melee range. If I recall rightly he managed to drop one with his flamer before the Assault Phase… wherein he managed to drop another one leavig him to deal with two of the green buggers… which apparently wasn’t in the cards… or dice.The table at the end of Turn 6… That last unit of Boyz started to get thinned out… the other unit, down to two models, retreated off the table… The Nobz failed a morale check and started to head backwards leaving my Objective uncontested… unfortunatly I couldn’t get any models close enough to even contest her Objective… even if I could those Boyz camped on it made any attempts redundant. The Coptaz never made an appearance… and we didn’t have time to continue into a Turn 7 or we probably would have. As things stood they were in my favor… but those Coptaz probably would have put a giant green wrinkle in my plans.

Now, last but not least… a not so great picture of the partially painted Gue’vesa I converted.

Right now I’ve just touched the jacket with Camo Green and the pants with Khommando Khaki. My Sept colours are very green/brown as they’re from a heavily forested world. >.> Though I’m thus far refusing to do a ‘camoflauge pattern’ because I usually don’t care for how they look on the models.  They’re halted at this stage as I’m waiting for an order from miniwargaming.com that’s being held up while they restock one of the things I ordered. I could have had them send it anyway and then just ordered the pot of  P3 ‘Battlefield Brown’ when they restocked it later but it’s kind of integral as my armour is probably going to be that colour. :p I was originally planning Graveyard Earth but it’s a lot lighter than I thought…

Whelp, my own personal computer died so I’m being forced to type this up on the other computer in the building. Not too terrible as it’s by far superior to my old machine which is a veritable fossil by comparison. It does however mean that the picture I took of my assembled and partially painted Gue’vesa units is stuck on a machine that likes to freeze up on me every couple of minutes. When you run XP with around 500mb of ram that couple minutes hardly gets windows to a useable state. >.<;  I also cleared off my camera’s memory card just prior to these issues cropping up so even that doesn’t save me. I’ll have to take the picture again for the next post… because I’m not about to wander off now and do it, it’d break my chain of thought and stop me from rambling on. We can’t have that now can we?

First up we have my AoB Warboss… whom I call Thundaface and the rest of the Orks are part of the “Reavadags” an Orkyfication of River Dogs… Because there’s a TV show here based on my little chunk of nowhere. In it at one point was a band called ‘Thunderface’ and the local sports team was the River Dogs… from Dog River. >.> He’s painted pretty much exclusively with my ‘Decoart’ paints, as are the rest of the Orks… The only Citadel paints I used were uh… Boltgun Metal… and Blood Red for the eyes. >.> He’s got some WAAAGH paint on… as do all of my non-hat wearing Orks do. In a variety of colours… some of them have it on their arms as well, I just thought it looked amusing. >.<; I’m not allowed to buy anymore Orks for this army because that green is a hodgepodge mixture of several of my paints that I probably couldn’t re-create if I wanted to. Well, I mean… I’m still planning to get some Squigs but they’re just for shelf use… because I like Squigs. Oh and derp, that angle and lighting shows unpainted parts in my gun barrels. :s

I might be trying to make a Grot Tank sometime in the future as someone on the MWG forum posted some homebrew rules for little Arena battles between Grot Tanks and it just sounds amusing to me… and I’m on the wrong continent to try ordering the “proper” Forgeworld kit. Or I’d just get those… and an Orca… and a Tetra one of their Piranha and a bunch of their Crisis Suits. >.> Luckily for me it’s to fidgety to convert currency and shipping is really expensive and whatnot. Maybe eventually I’ll visit my relatives in England again and make a stop off to buy a bunch of their stuff. Course I’d be restricted t what I can fit in a carry on bag, because like hell would I be  putting that through the hell that is the luggage department. :s Or I could get a proper suitcase instead of a dufflebag…

Next is a just for fun picture of some Terrain I made… it’s just three levels of “cliff” just large enough to obscure about half odf a Dreadnought and thus technically give a cover save… at least I think that’s how the rule works. If the picture was actually supposed to be of the Terrain then well, it’s be horrible, this should be seen from one of the sides otherwise you get a photo like this and miss you know, the entire thing. Instead though the four spare Imperial Cadians who I could have saved and converted to Gue’vesa later on but I assembled and started painting just for the fun of it. THey were the “peg and hole” variety of miniature so there really wasn’t much I could do if I’d tried to save them for bitz or anything. Uh… they’re Codex Gray fatigues roughed up with Graveyard Earth and Kommando Khaki. Then any black bits were drybrushed with Blood Red? Then any Aquila got the same treatment before faces got hit with Dwarf Flesh and then Elf Flesh. then everything got covered with a nice homemade black “wash” (simply watered down paint). They still look largely unfinished but I’m not quite sure what to do with them. >.<;

Uh, I’ve got a ruined building made from foamboard busy getting a little bit melted by spraypaint… I really like the foamboard because it doesn’t melt as dramatically as the styrofoam  I used earlier. You hit it a little heavily and you get this nice rough looking spot. Breaks up the flat parts and saves you putting rocks or dirt *everywhere*. Uh, I had some long strips left over so I cut them into vaguely block shapes and glued them up into a hodgepodgey little wall section. It’s also being melted a bit at the moment. I’ve also got a proper undamaged building assembled… but nothing glued into place. I’ve just ‘nailed’ it together with toothpick halfs so I can fit it together and abuse some of my measuring whoopsies into shape. I intent to put a signboard up on top but I’m not sure what I want it to say… I’ve got a bunch of Imperial Propaganda pictures I pulled off of google so maybe something from those can be shooped to fit it. I’ve also got to figure out how to make a door for it… I’m not confident enough at all in my freehand painting skills to consider just trying to paint one on. >.<;

Uhm, yeah that’s about it…

Even more terrain

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Because that’s all I’ve been doing recently. Making quick little terrain pieces. I should be able to order my Tau right away so this is great as it will give me something else to work on. >.<; Though between then and now my Cadians should show up so I’ll have Gue’vesa to play with while I wait. I’ve got all the bitz I ordered already and I must say I was quite impressed by bitzbarn.com Every individual bit was in it’s own labeled little bag.

That said,y ‘other blogs’ list has been slowly growing. Though I’ll take this moment to warn you about “Life after the cover save” you need to either expect to be offended or have one strange sense of humour if you’re going to try listening to their podcast.

On the other hand (you have different fingers) there’s the newest addition “Art of Rumplification” I’ve not poked around his blog too much yet but I ran into him on mybattalion.com and he’s got some very nice stuff in his gallery there so I expect nothing less. 😉

A little more Terrain

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Some terrain I started a while back, it was supposed to be a crashed chunk of space debris. The tutorial I took the idea from called for me to paint on little pools of fire as well but I went for a more long since crashed look. Just used some cheap acrylic hobby paints. Unless “Deco-art” is huge in the modelling scene now. :p

I’ve ordered my Cadians, they hopefully ship sometime tomorrow because tomorrow’s the last business day for the site I ordered form… until sometime in January anyway. I’m also getting the three basic colours my Tau army will be using. Which isn’t much of a deviation from one of the original codex schemes. I’ll be using Graveyard Earth, Camo Green, and Kommando Khaki. Well, that’s my current idea anyway. We’ll see what happens when I actually start painting something. :p


update: Shoulder pads from thewarstore arrived today. Waiting for my order from BitzBarn to get here… and for the 5th of January when hopefully my Cadians should get shipped since I was too slow ordering.

Yes, I crack me up too. With my clever wordplay and punnery. Anyway… I went and started to fiddle with some of my not yet finished marines and figured I’m here, my camera’s there… I’d just mentioned I’d post pictures when I bothered to take them… and so here I am, again. Well, then Tejech’s comment made me go… “well… someone’s sort of reading this i should be nice and give them some pictures.” Not pretty pictures of course, because this is the grimdark 41st century, and of course because I’m still very much an amateur. >.< Photo’s after the break! Read the rest of this entry »