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So, school might be stealing away a lot of my time… more than I’d like quite frankly but on the upside it’s also a source of income… which means I can afford to do what I plan to do this sunday… take as close to 1000 points of Space communists to my “Friendly not-so-Local Gaming Shop” and  see if we can’t destroy some tiny plastic people.

This is really exciting as it will be my first ‘proper’ game… you know, one where my opponent will be fully capable of informing me that I’m doing things wrong. Hopefully that doesn’t happen too often.

Anyway, today began with firing up a certain “Army list Builder” and checking how many points I have, just shy of 1400 so I only made a 1000 point list. Which… is huge, my prior matches have all been on the level of Assault on Black Reach sets so… 500 points *maybe* ;p

I then spent a good hour and a half scouring the house for my Little Grey Book and Tau Codex which got put somewhere back around Christmas when someone wanted to use the table for eating or something like that. Those found it was time to figure out transportation… which is currently looking to be a Battleforce box until I actually get to The City and can then buy a plastic stand in of some variety.

I’m taking… all 12 Kroot that I have, three groups of 6 Fire Warriors, Crisis Commander +1 Bodyguard, A Pirahna, 4 Pathfinders +Devilfish, a Broadside and then two more Crisis Suits… and I’ve just had a moment of panic because I forgot my Force Organization Chart and thought I had too many Troop Choices.

The Kroot are just kind of…. there… to soak up points. It’s either them or I try to fill the void with another Fire Warrior Squad and a group of six Gun Drones. :/ Which I’m not sure works… no, the Fire Warriors alone put me over and with the drones I’m almost 100 points over. >.<; I think I’ll go big next time and try to pick up a Skyray box and use the kit to build a Railhead… do Skyray boxes still have all the Hammerhead stuff? Of course my Marines still need an Apothecary and a Chaplain… and I should get some stuff for the Orks to keep those to armies close to par… especially since my sister prefers the Orks to the Marines…