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Posted: May 30, 2010 in Gaming, Maid RPG
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I somehow wound up playing Maid RPG today. Really that’s not the strangest thing I’ve wound up doing in a day. I think it’s just the strangest thing I’ve ever been observed doing. I’m minding my own business arranging a collection of six sided dice into diamond pattern, using the 3 side of course. Waiting for someone to finish building their character so that we can get on with pretending to be maids… I think the closest I’ve ever been to a situation like this was when my dad walked into the room while I was playing Bully, and I was busy cutting grass in the game. Of course, I could have been delivering newspapers too but I don’t really are for that minigame.  Paper boy was irritating enough in 2D let alone trying to play it in pseudo  3D.

It consisted of a group of three maids and our Narrator… it’s been rather amusing so far. We’ve had one made Cataleena, try to make a blood soup for our vampire employer. Which failed miserably and resulted in someone having their face shoved in the pot. This occured while my character, Yuzuki, and another one… uhm Haruko or some such, were cleaning, which we passed with flying colours. Thinkgs moved downhill when we were told to help Cataleena make dinner again, at which Haruko and Yuzuki both failed and Cataleena succeeded.

But dinner preparation came to a halt as a freak thunderstorm occurred, and spawned a lightning elemental… This event used luck and well… Yuzuki has a one in that stat, which is out weighed only by the zero she has in affection. But that’s a stat modified by her traits, originally I rolled a one for affection. >.<; So I failed the luck roll and got attacked by a lightning elemental. Cataleena runs away, Haruko tries to seduce the elemental, which fails, she has a panic attack, which results in her getting very complainy. (it’s actually ‘stress explosion’ which has the character perform a set action for a set amount of time every time their stress level surpasses their ‘spirit’ score) Cataleena shows up again because our vampire mistress… and Haruko yelled at her. She happens to be a necromancer and tries to command some random undead that had been previously mentioned. Fails. Haruko calms down and tries to command the elemental again and succeeds.

As punishment for running away Cataleena has her skirt stolen by Haruko, which sends her into stress explosion, her task being sleeping. And then the session ended. Yuzuki discovers the pool and decides to get ready to swim, and the session ended.

This is what I did with my afternoon. Productive? I bloody well think so. :p