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It’s Magic!

Posted: September 25, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Okay so in the while since my last post my nerdery has increased somewhat. I picked up Magic the Gathering. Which is great because it’s something I’d been interested in for years and never got into.
I’ve been hitting it kind of hard… 1837 cards in the span of about two or three months. >.> And that’s not counting the Innistrad stuff I got yesterday and can’t add to my Inventory on yet. >.> Or the Box of Innistrad boosters I’ve pre-ordered or the Deck builder’s Toolkit that should arrive in the mail with said box of boosters.
My 40k has suffered a bit but really all that means is I haven’t been painting as much as I could what with fiddling with cards and more recently going to school.
I got my Tau Battle force as well as a Tactical Marine’s box to keep at least one of my other two armies at least somewhat near par with my Tau. Everything’s been based but more time has been sunk into the Marine’s than anything. I just have to paint on details, and then hit them with some dry brushing to rough them up so they fit decently with the other squad. I opted for a Missile Launcher and a Meltagun with this set, which will hopefully work well with the other squad that’s equipped with a Missile Launcher and a Flamer.