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An update.

Posted: March 9, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Well, I actually used Kroot, which was not something I ever planned to do. But as I have barely over 1500 points of Tau if I use *everything* I have exceptions have to be made. They have actually proved if only for getting in the way of bigger, scarier, units. I’ve taken to driving up to the nearest Gaming Shop once or twice a month to play and I’ve been having a lot of fun. Last weekend saw a ‘3000 a side 2 vs 2 match’ pitting Tau and Ward’crons of all things against a pair of Ork armies. This is after a visit where I got beat by said Necrons and the time after that where I got beaten by Ultrasmurfs, a game that I almost drew… but some Assault Terminators drew my last scoring unit off of an objective and so I lost. That’s not what we’re talking about today though.

The, probably, most interesting portion of this match was that one of the Ork players was using a homebrew variant on Stormboyz, using the idea of “looted teleporter packs” Roll 3d6 and a scatter die… you get the idea. He’s planning to scrap the rules at the moment and use them as regular Stormboyz. Personally I love the idea of a unit that just randomly transports itself around a battlefield… it seems so very, very Orky. Perhaps give them six inch move and then only roll 2d6, giving you at least *some* control over where the troop is going? Oh well… The group has praised my Broadside conversion, and I got a few thumbs up for being one of those types who reposes the arms of my Crisis Suits. But hey that’s boring battle stuff, the two or three of you who wander in here occasionally (on purpose) are probably more interested in projects. Well I have four on the go right now!

1. A Crisis suit with a ‘twin linked missile pod’ that is firing missiles and is stomping on an Ultramarine (which will be painted to mimic the Ultramarine players painting style as best I can) who just so happens to be making use of one of the Grenade arms. It has a few ‘issues’ mainly when posing I neither had, nor had room for the marines legs on the base… so they’re not modelled. Also these firing missiles is a bit more difficult than I’d anticipated.


This image is a little bit outdated but for the most part it’s not changed. I attempted to add green stuff smoke effects to those chunks of paperclip… and was unimpressed, currently thinking about using some cotton and drybrushing it to simulate the smoke. I’ve repaired that knee joint by taking the bottom bit off of a Tau shoulder guard and gluing it in there.

2. I’m working on a terrain board. Currently I only have a 4×4 foot section, this section is cut into four 2×2 foot pieces. I’m aiming to make it 6×6 by… adding two more pieces. Four of those pieces will feature some form of hills and then I can have a whole bunch of options available for how I put them together. Modular just seemed the best way to go considering my space and storage options. Right now my table can only deal with (barely) the 4×4 foot board. No picture of that because honestly right now it’s just four things of foam board.

3. Another Crisis Suit! This one right now is just a crisis suit with a “customized” fusion blaster and an Airbursting Fragmentation Projector. I mounted the Fusion Blaster to the underside of one hand, sideways. (the barrels are oo instead of 8) I then cut the fuel cell off and glued it to where that little mounting tab would have been on the underside. I have no picture yet because it’s really nothing special yet. I’m planning on equipping it with Iridium Armour, I’m just not quite sure of how to model that yet. Possibly I might get an Ironclad or Venerable Dreadnought kit and use some of it’s bitz. But then I have a Dreadnought sitting around that I don’t want to assemble until my sister gets her Assault on Blackreach and we swap Orks for Marines and I can kit bash the Dreadnoughts.

4. Magnetizing the Skyray portion of my Hammerhead/Skyray… no picture because again, nothing really interesting. I’ve just run into difficulties getting the missiles to affix themselves nicely to the underside of their mounting wing thing.But this might be due to me using chunks of paperclip for the missiles to stick to; I’m not sure yet.

5. I know I only said four but I kind of forgot about this until now. I’ve put together some not particularly interesting ‘converted marines’ to round out the Gue’vesa Squad. Which brings it up to eleven units. So I’ll repaint my Gue’vesa’ui into a Gue’vesa’la and add in a regular Tau for the Shas’ui. Fairly unimportant at the moment since I don’t use the Imperial Armour rules for them I just field them as kit bashed Firewarriors, which really is all they are.


Whelp, my own personal computer died so I’m being forced to type this up on the other computer in the building. Not too terrible as it’s by far superior to my old machine which is a veritable fossil by comparison. It does however mean that the picture I took of my assembled and partially painted Gue’vesa units is stuck on a machine that likes to freeze up on me every couple of minutes. When you run XP with around 500mb of ram that couple minutes hardly gets windows to a useable state. >.<;  I also cleared off my camera’s memory card just prior to these issues cropping up so even that doesn’t save me. I’ll have to take the picture again for the next post… because I’m not about to wander off now and do it, it’d break my chain of thought and stop me from rambling on. We can’t have that now can we?

First up we have my AoB Warboss… whom I call Thundaface and the rest of the Orks are part of the “Reavadags” an Orkyfication of River Dogs… Because there’s a TV show here based on my little chunk of nowhere. In it at one point was a band called ‘Thunderface’ and the local sports team was the River Dogs… from Dog River. >.> He’s painted pretty much exclusively with my ‘Decoart’ paints, as are the rest of the Orks… The only Citadel paints I used were uh… Boltgun Metal… and Blood Red for the eyes. >.> He’s got some WAAAGH paint on… as do all of my non-hat wearing Orks do. In a variety of colours… some of them have it on their arms as well, I just thought it looked amusing. >.<; I’m not allowed to buy anymore Orks for this army because that green is a hodgepodge mixture of several of my paints that I probably couldn’t re-create if I wanted to. Well, I mean… I’m still planning to get some Squigs but they’re just for shelf use… because I like Squigs. Oh and derp, that angle and lighting shows unpainted parts in my gun barrels. :s

I might be trying to make a Grot Tank sometime in the future as someone on the MWG forum posted some homebrew rules for little Arena battles between Grot Tanks and it just sounds amusing to me… and I’m on the wrong continent to try ordering the “proper” Forgeworld kit. Or I’d just get those… and an Orca… and a Tetra one of their Piranha and a bunch of their Crisis Suits. >.> Luckily for me it’s to fidgety to convert currency and shipping is really expensive and whatnot. Maybe eventually I’ll visit my relatives in England again and make a stop off to buy a bunch of their stuff. Course I’d be restricted t what I can fit in a carry on bag, because like hell would I be  putting that through the hell that is the luggage department. :s Or I could get a proper suitcase instead of a dufflebag…

Next is a just for fun picture of some Terrain I made… it’s just three levels of “cliff” just large enough to obscure about half odf a Dreadnought and thus technically give a cover save… at least I think that’s how the rule works. If the picture was actually supposed to be of the Terrain then well, it’s be horrible, this should be seen from one of the sides otherwise you get a photo like this and miss you know, the entire thing. Instead though the four spare Imperial Cadians who I could have saved and converted to Gue’vesa later on but I assembled and started painting just for the fun of it. THey were the “peg and hole” variety of miniature so there really wasn’t much I could do if I’d tried to save them for bitz or anything. Uh… they’re Codex Gray fatigues roughed up with Graveyard Earth and Kommando Khaki. Then any black bits were drybrushed with Blood Red? Then any Aquila got the same treatment before faces got hit with Dwarf Flesh and then Elf Flesh. then everything got covered with a nice homemade black “wash” (simply watered down paint). They still look largely unfinished but I’m not quite sure what to do with them. >.<;

Uh, I’ve got a ruined building made from foamboard busy getting a little bit melted by spraypaint… I really like the foamboard because it doesn’t melt as dramatically as the styrofoam  I used earlier. You hit it a little heavily and you get this nice rough looking spot. Breaks up the flat parts and saves you putting rocks or dirt *everywhere*. Uh, I had some long strips left over so I cut them into vaguely block shapes and glued them up into a hodgepodgey little wall section. It’s also being melted a bit at the moment. I’ve also got a proper undamaged building assembled… but nothing glued into place. I’ve just ‘nailed’ it together with toothpick halfs so I can fit it together and abuse some of my measuring whoopsies into shape. I intent to put a signboard up on top but I’m not sure what I want it to say… I’ve got a bunch of Imperial Propaganda pictures I pulled off of google so maybe something from those can be shooped to fit it. I’ve also got to figure out how to make a door for it… I’m not confident enough at all in my freehand painting skills to consider just trying to paint one on. >.<;

Uhm, yeah that’s about it…

Even more terrain

Posted: January 6, 2011 in Gaming, Terrain, Warhammer 40k
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Because that’s all I’ve been doing recently. Making quick little terrain pieces. I should be able to order my Tau right away so this is great as it will give me something else to work on. >.<; Though between then and now my Cadians should show up so I’ll have Gue’vesa to play with while I wait. I’ve got all the bitz I ordered already and I must say I was quite impressed by Every individual bit was in it’s own labeled little bag.

That said,y ‘other blogs’ list has been slowly growing. Though I’ll take this moment to warn you about “Life after the cover save” you need to either expect to be offended or have one strange sense of humour if you’re going to try listening to their podcast.

On the other hand (you have different fingers) there’s the newest addition “Art of Rumplification” I’ve not poked around his blog too much yet but I ran into him on and he’s got some very nice stuff in his gallery there so I expect nothing less. 😉